British International Colleges and Schools

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About Us

The British International Colleges and Schools represent the very best in primary and secondary education. We offer children in South Africa the opportunity to begin their career in academia in a setting which allows them to reach some of the highest levels of international acclaim.

The British International Colleges aim to provide students of above average academic ability with a learning environment in which their potential can be realised.

The British International Preparatory School offers children an unparalleled opportunity to achieve their true personal potential in a warm, nurturing and expertly managed learning environment. We know this is absolutely essential to a child’s success and their exponential development during the key primary learning stages.

Distance College

We found that there was now demand for us all across the country, and in response, we founded the British International Distance College as a way to provide quality international education to bright young minds - wherever they may be. Within a year, the Distance Learning wing of our group flourished  - and for many years was the only Cambridge approved IGCSE and AS level distance education provider in South Africa. BIDC now has multiple partnered study centres across the nation, as well as individual students as far and wide as Kenya and Korea, who travel all the way to our examination venues in South Africa or are assisted to sit exams in their home country.

Pretoria Campus

As word of mouth spread, it become evedent that the residents of Northern Gauteng wanted a campus near them, and in a short while, BIC Pretoria was established, a full British International College campus was offering the same quality education as could be found in Bryanston, in sunny Pretoria. Over time, that campus has grown and took its place as a full member of the British International Colleges and Schools group.

In the early days of the new millennium, the College was faced with a new challenge - IGCSE's usually only begin at age 14, such that the student would typically be 16 upon completion, ready to move into his or her A Level programme.

However, it transpired that parents wanted to send their children to us earlier and earlier, encouraging us to implement what we called the "Junior High phase" which became a way for children coming into such a strong curriculum to adapt to the new style of learning being presented to them. These children write Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint exams at the end of their Junior High or Foundation phase, which confirms that they are truly ready to begin their IGCSE courses.

Preparatory School

As more and more people knew of us, and the local education became less appealing, we began to get requests - demands - to open a school catering to primary school children. After several months of planning and preparation, it was decided. British International Preparatory School would be a reality.

A few months later, our temporary premises were set up. Within hours of opening registrations, the Preparatory School was full. To accommodate the quality educators and families we were now serving, we had the finest prefabricated classrooms installed - equipped with air-conditioning, GoogleTV, WiFi and the greatest Cambridge Preparatory teachers we could source from right around the world.

Our beautiful permanent Preparatory School campus is modelled after the very latest in international school design. Construction was completed at the end of 2018 and includes specialised facilities for Early Years (three to five year olds) and for Primary Start (six to seven year olds). Our Year Seven pupils begin their secondary studies.

In all years, our children write the Cambridge international progression tests to ensure they are ready for the next level. At the end of Year 6, our pupils write Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams, in which they consistently prove themselves to be in the top third of children examined at their age worldwide.

Welcome to the British International Colleges and Schools where children and ambitious teenagers from all over the world  learn in a happy, friendly environment.