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 British International Distance College

October / November 2021 Cambridge exam results

Exam results will be available on:

A1: Results were released on Monday 10 January from 12 noon

IGCSE: Tuesday 18 January from 12 noon


We are offering online virtual classes which affords improved learning experience.

About us

The College has been running for over 19 years

Student Advisors are available from 8am-5pm to mentor and assist students and parents throughout their studies.

The latest and best Cambridge approved textbooks are imported and included in your study material. Text books often cost more than half the price of the course!

Materials are couriered to students and this is in included in the course fee

Exam preparation tutorials and laboratory workshops are held twice a year and ensure a real boost for final exam preparation.

Our students can succeed completely unaided by private Tutors because our course materials are so comprehensive.

We offer students alternative examination centres nationwide – We are the only institutions accredited by Cambridge to offer this service. This means all your examination administration is taken care of by us.

Our students have achieved excellent results in their Cambridge exams, obtaining 1 st  place in the world for English and  Science , 2 nd place for Computer Studies and 1 st place in RSA  for Business Studies, Psychology, Economics, Maths, Afrikaans, French, Sociology, Music, Art, History, Biology, Geography and Accounting. Wow!

The majority of our students achieve university exemption and get into a degree of their choice and at the University of their choice. Whether in South Africa or internationally. Other Students earn a Cambridge matric at home.

The BIDC Difference

British International Distance College is different from other Cambridge course providers!

  • Our Tutors are Cambridge Trained and teach the courses to full time students.
  • Our Tutors understand the needs and difficulties of self-study.
  • Our Tutors are knowledgeable about Cambridge exam requirements.
  • Our detailed work programmes provide weekly consolidation activities to assist the student. Online work is incorporated.
  • Our Tutorials and laboratory practicals at our well-equipped College ensure the best exam preparation at no extra cost.
  • Student Advisors mentor students through the course at no extra cost.
  • Assignments are set by Tutors and are marked to Cambridge standards at no extra cost.
  • Cambridge recommended Textbooks are provided at no extra cost.
  • Syllabi and past exam papers are standard issue combined with carefully selected course material all at no extra cost.
  • We offer a very wide range of subjects.
  • We have our own examinations centres across South Africa.
  • Our students have access to our helpline which offers the student support throughout the year of study at no extra cost.

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