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All candidates sitting examinations in a session are required to be retained in supervised isolation during Keytime.

Morning examinations commence at 10:00am. Candidates are required to be retained in isolation in the morning session until at least 11:00am. 

Afternoon examinations commence at 2:00pm and candidates are required to be in isolation until at least 3:00pm.

For examinations that finish before 11:00am and 3:00pm, candidates may be escorted to another venue on the campus but will strictly remain under our supervision as per Cambridge regulations.

This is a Cambridge regulation and we will report to Cambridge any candidate who does not report for Keytime supervision. Cambridge will regard this absence from Keytime supervision as malpractice and they will withhold all exam results and withdraw the candidate from all Cambridge examinations.

Candidates may be allowed to study, read and talk to one another after the exam, during Keytime.

Important Note: 

Candidates are required to hand in their cell phone and any other electronic equipment at Reception, prior to the exam and will not get them back until after Keytime expires. Candidates found with a cellphone or other electronic equipment, during the exam or during Keytime will be reported to Cambridge as this also constitutes malpractice.

If found guilty Cambridge will withhold the result and may withdraw the candidate from all Cambridge examinations and bar them from future exams.