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British International College - Preparatory School
EMIS Number: 700400675


Enrollments are now being accepted.
Please contact us to meet the Principal, and to see how friendly our school is, and how interesting and stimulating our children find our first-world curriculum.



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British International Preparatory School encourages the pursuit of excellence in all our endeavors.

We offer children an unparalleled opportunity to achieve their true personal potential in a warm, nurturing and expertly managed learning environment. We know this is absolutely essential to a child’s success and their exponential development during the key primary learning stages.

The tools to achieve excellence are provided by Cambridge, an institution synonymous with excellent education standards world-wide. The facilitation falls to our teachers, who have special personal qualities as well as vast experience. This ensures our preparatory pupils are guided toward the collective goals, with an unmatched degree of both commitment and competence.

Sound management of the school ensures the building blocks are firmly entrenched for learning to take place in a structured, exciting and supportive manner.

Values are key indicators of success in a very competitive world. We uphold the common values high on the agenda of all the different faith groups: honesty, integrity, commitment, trust and respect are our core values and are reflected in our Golden rules for our children and staff.

Our approach to our work with children encourages excellence in a very diverse community of children and staff from many different countries and cultures.

We invite you and your child to share our journey!

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Why BI Preparatory?


The British International Preparatory School (BI Prep) offers children in South Africa the very best of international primary education. There is a careful balance between traditional values and modern approaches to education.


We offer the pure Cambridge curriculum as it is meant to be taught, and do not dilute the curriculum by also running other curricula simultaneously. The Cambridge International Primary Curriculum has a proven reputation for providing an excellent foundation for secondary education, college, university, employment and life in the 21st Century.

As a truly international school, we have additional elements taken from Scottish, Canadian, and Australian schools. These include Club Activities (fun additional activities to develop strategic thinking, fine and gross motor development, creativity and social competence); Study and Prep (formalised assistance to ensure that no home work is required in Keystage 1 (years one and two) or Keystage 2 (years three and four); and SQUIRT (Supervised Quiet Uninterrupted Individual Reading Time) to promote reading and a love of books).

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Student Body

We draw pupils from all over the world. This interesting mix of children from diverse cultural backgrounds enables the development of tolerant, respectful global young people. Our personal development programme ensures that we turn out successful, moral, well-adjusted and confident children, who will go on to become successful high school students, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.

Integrated School Day

Our school day ensures that there is sufficient time for high quality teaching and learning of our curriculum as it is designed to be run. 

The day commences at 08:30 and finishes at 15:45 (09:00 to 15:15 for Early Years). 

This includes two snack times, active education, music, art, drama, computer studies, club activities, reading, and the midday meal which ensures that energy for the afternoon session is at optimum levels.

To be registered with the local education authority is a legal requirement. The British International Preparatory School is fully accredited by the local education authority; Gauteng Department of Education (GDE). Our GDE registration number is JN700400675.